It’s never too early to begin thinking about gifts, for birthdays, anniversaries, as well as the holidays… whatever the occasion, just to put smiles on the faces of those we love… or for a well earned treat for ourselves! And who doesn’t love internet shopping? With that in mind, please take a moment to peruse some of the merchandise here from your Daytime favorites.

First Printing! Order Yours Now!!

Kira Reed Lorsch has embarked on a new, exciting collaboration with digital artist Pete of! Together, they designed a stunning, high resolution print – “The Queen of Hearts”. Kira will sign each poster and will have them shipped directly to you!

Price: $199 (shipping included)
18” x 24” High Resolution, Glossy Print
Each Poster is Signed by Kira
Kira will DONATE $50 from each sale to Shelter Hope Pet Shop!

Purchase Kira’s
new dark comedy, thriller
Now available on Blu-ray.
Click Here.

Kira Reed Lorsch - Donore

Kira is a Global Brand Ambassador for Donore Cosmetics. Kira’s Organic CBD Bronzing Cream is now available.

Kira tells guys how to win the ultimate mate in her book Score! How to Win The Girl of Your Dreams.

Kira is a smart, savvy, successful woman experienced in making people happy, having been the supervising producer and writer of 69 Sexy Things 2 Do Before You Die. Kira has also “seen it all and tried most of it” as a reporter/producer for Playboy TV’s Sexcetera. Both shows are on television worldwide available in 75 million bedrooms daily.

Kira says, “The ideas in my simple seven-step plan are based on my personal experiences and can be used at any stage of your life and in any kind of relationship. However, SCORE is best for those serious about having the real deal with a great better half. Seriously, do you want to just play the game… or actually win the girl?”

Unlike other so-called “pick-up books,” SCORE is not the same old “trick a chick” into liking the player in you. The entertaining and easy to read book, written from a woman’s point of view, will guide you to getting that amazing girl to be attracted to the real you.

Purchase a paperback or download the Kindle version at:

Kira Reed Lorsch - Score!
Kathleen Gati Candle – Sweet Peace $14.99
“Unwind and relax with me sending you my good thoughts through this amazing lavender grapefruit Sweet Peace soy candle from Shining Sol.” – Kathleen Gati
Note: An additional $5.00 for using PayPal to cover shipping and charges.

Jen Lilley Candle – Autumn Delight $14.99
Fall in love with Fall and fill your home with the scent of MY favorite memories.
Note: An additional $5.00 for using PayPal to cover shipping and charges.

Jen Lilley’s best selling CD “Tinsel Time!” is available for gift giving no matter the season!! It’s never too late to order your holiday “things” and be ready going into the new season! With that in mind, drop by and purchase your copy of the CD. You can also visit her newly updated website at and follow her on Twitter at

Jen Lilley and her bestie Meredith Scott Lynn have also developed an inspiring 11-piece activity kit that includes everything needed to create your own original children’s book, which is then published and shipped to your door! Each book is uniquely illustrated with your story on its pages! Now kids, parents and grandparents can create a lasting, one-of-a-kind keepsake. Eight kits available! Go to for more information!

Lilly Melgar has developed a new fragrance line! Inspired by her vision of mind, body and soul health, Scent by Lilly offers one-of-a-kind natural ingredients. A chemical free line made with top quality botanical nourishing essence, Lilly has transformed her passion for all things natural into the ultimate product line. Powered by the principle of well – being and healing, the goal is to share and promote the development of sustainable beauty. Infused with handcrafted scents, immerse yourself into the bewitching combination of flowers, herbs and fruits that will leave you feeling soothed and relaxed. We dare you to lavish yourself with their timeless aromas… For more information go to

Kira Reed Lorsch has written a book called SCORE. If you’re more interested in happily ever aftr than just a happy ending, then this book is for you. SCORE will help you meet that special someone, get them to like you, go out with you and keep them coming back for more! This entertaining and easy to read book is written from a woman’s point of view. Buy it today at!

Melissa Archer has co-founded a new company called Hacker’s Brew. Developed hand in hand with neuro-scientists and biohackers, this cold mocha drink significantly increases mental energy and improves focus. Perfect for those long days when you need that extra brain boost and a dose of productivity! Go to

Long the talk of Rick Hearst’s fan events, the delicious, signature sauces from the Hearst family can now be a part of your own traditions. Choose from four distinctive bases of sauces and goodies that make the perfect gift for everyone on your list. No matter which one you choose, these sauces will perk up any pasta, meat or fish dish for a truly memorable meal that will make fans of your family! Order by the jar or by the case today at

Brandon Barash’s fantastic photography is now available online as well. These beautiful works of art are available in his books, as well as signed photos that are matted, matted/framed or canvas, and now his new line of note cards! Take a moment to go to and find something that compliments your home, office, or as a gift to a friend or family member!

We also still have copies of Trevor St. John’s incredible independent movie “The Art of Getting Over It” that can also be purchased either online or through the mail. This award-winning movie made quite a splash at the independent movie festivals over the last two years. Buy a copy for yourself or for a friend and see for yourself what the critics were all so excited about!

If you would like an autographed photo from one of the amazing actors we work with, write or email me to send you an updated photo order form. We will do our very best to get the signed item back to you in time for that special event, whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, for the holidays or simply something just to make someone you care about smile! Our high end, photo quality photos are a treat to receive any time!!


Or… how about a fan club membership for that someone you love? You can sign up online using PayPal on our website, or download an application from there to sign them up using regular mail. Be sure to include the birthday (month/day only) for the recipient so they will not miss their personalize/signed birthday greeting card during their birthday month.


Finally, tickets to fan events are also great gifts. Plan a getaway weekend with your best girlfriends, your mom, your daughter, or your nieces! Husbands, boyfriends and significant others have a great time, too. Or take off by yourself on a grand new adventure. You won’t be alone long, as you’ll be surrounded by lots of great people who share the same interests as you! I’ve met all my very best girlfriends at fan events… Events are truly bonding experiences.

We have changed our charity of choice to Canine Adoption and Rescue League in Ventura, CA.  Founded in 1996, Their Mission Statement is: The Canine Adoption Rescue League mission is to help end the needless deaths of dogs and puppies in Ventura County by spaying or neutering all of the dogs in our program prior to adoption and to find good loving homes for the dogs and puppies in our Project Second Chance adoption program.

This group does amazing work, and relies solely on donations for their facility.  They have an ongoing Wish List on, and you can sign up on to have a portion of the monies you spend on Amazon going directly to them, at no additional charge to you!  Simply type in Canine Adoption and Rescue League in the box a short scroll down on the page, choose the one shown in Ventura, CA, and your good to go.  Simply type in when you go to make your purchases, and they do all the rest.

If you shop at Ralphs (a division of Kroger) Markets, you can also sign up there, again at no additional charge to you!  Go to and download the app to sign up!  Super easy!  Finally, to learn more about this amazing charity organization, log onto!! 

You can follow them on Twitter at!  You will fall in love with the group, just as we did.